Social Security Disability rules and practice can be extremely confusing and claimants are encouraged to seek legal representation if they have been denied at the initial stages. SLG can help you file your appeal, gather and present your medical records, prepare you to testify at your hearing, and represent you at the hearing. We also draft appeal letters to the Social Security Appeals Counsel and file appeals at the U.S. District Court.

SLG represents claimants in Social Security cases on a contingency fee basis; you only pay attorney’s fees if your application for disability benefits (either SSI or SSDI) is approved. In most cases, new medical records will have to be obtained prior to your hearing. Your providers will charge us a small fee to get those records, and that is a cost that you are responsible for, whether your case is won or lost. We may request that you put money on retainer with us to pay for those records.

You will need to provide some medical records for our review prior to our accepting your case.

Image by Matt Artz